Photo Contest

A picture is worth 1,000 words

If the old adage is true, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then the images created by archaeologists, historians, avocationals, and volunteers speak volumes about historical and underwater archaeology. Images can capture our imagination, take us to foreign lands, and show us faraway sites.

underwater photographer|425

Photo courtesy Toni Carrell, Ships of Discovery.

To honor our artistic brethren, each year the ACUA sponsors a photo competition in conjunction with the annual Society for Historical Archaeology Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology. The competition is open to all SHA members and registered meeting attendees. The images are judged and displayed during the conference with winners receiving both a ribbon and the adulation of their peers.

Winning images from current and previous years are provided courtesy of the photographer. Please contact them directly for permission to use their work.

New and Improved Photo Contest

The ACUA is pleased to announce its new and improved annual Photo Contest. For 2015 the ACUA has added three new categories:

  • Diversity: the image should capture a moment in time that reflects the collaborative, inclusive, and/or global nature of our discipline
  • Artist’s Perspective: hand or computer aided illustration of a site or artifact
  • Video: a 3-minute film about an aspect of your site or project

For the first time, the ACUA is including a People’s Choice Award – with online voting open to all SHA members – not just conference attendees!

  • The deadline for mailed submissions is December 20.
  • Digital uploads for the People’s Choice Award will be open from December 1-15 – EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 20! There is still time to enter.
  • Voting will take place from December 22 through January 5 on the ACUA website.

For more information about the new categories, rules and digital upload instructions for the People’s Choice, download the revised ACUA Photo Contest 2015 (PDF) form. The video entry also requires the submission of a Talent Release Form (PDF).

Please note, you must also bring your mounted entry, application form, check, and CD with image to the conference for display. You may also mail your submission to Marco Meniketti, see the entry form for mailing instructions.

For questions related to mailing your submissions, please contact the 2015 Conference Underwater Program Chair Marco Meniketti at

For information or questions about the new categories, the revised submission process, or on-line voting please contact